Meter Field Reference

Reference JSON file


Deprecated fields are marked in red. These fields are either redundant or provide no useful information. They may be removed in future API versions.

Fields marked with an asterisk (*) are created synthetically and are not stored in the time series database.

API Order Field Display name Version Type JSON Type Unit Precision v3 Precision v4 Alias Rubric Sub-rubric Description Values
1 Good Good int int 1 = good read, 0 = failed read
2 Good_Reads_Ratio % Success int int % Percent successful reads per send interval
3 Read_Attempts Reads/interval int str Attempted meter reads per send interval
4 Date * Date str str Date in local/gateway timezone
5 Time * Time str str Time in local/gateway timezone
6 Time_Stamp_UTC_ms * Time_Stamp_UTC_ms int int ms UTC time stamp in milliseconds
7 Meter_Time Meter_Time str str Meter device clock time
8 Firmware Firmware str str FWVER.METER Meter firmware version
9 Model Model hex str MODEL.METER Meter model number
10 kWh_Tot kWh_Tot float str kWh 1 kWh_Scale PT.TOT kWh Total Total kWh
11 kWh_Tariff_1 kWh_Tariff_1 float str kWh 1 kWh_Scale PT.T1 kWh Tariff 1 kWh for Tariff 1
12 kWh_Tariff_2 kWh_Tariff_2 float str kWh 1 kWh_Scale PT.T2 kWh Tariff 2 kWh for Tariff 2
13 kWh_Tariff_3 kWh_Tariff_3 float str kWh 1 kWh_Scale PT.T3 kWh Tariff 3 kWh for Tariff 3
14 kWh_Tariff_4 kWh_Tariff_4 float str kWh 1 kWh_Scale PT.T4 kWh Tariff 4 kWh for Tariff 4
15 Rev_kWh_Tot Rev_kWh_Tot float str kWh 1 kWh_Scale PT_REV.TOT Reverse kWh Total Total Reverse kWh
16 Rev_kWh_Tariff_1 Rev_kWh_Tariff_1 float str kWh 1 kWh_Scale PT_REV.T1 Reverse kWh Tariff 1 Reverse kWh for Tariff 1
17 Rev_kWh_Tariff_2 Rev_kWh_Tariff_2 float str kWh 1 kWh_Scale PT_REV.T2 Reverse kWh Tariff 2 Reverse kWh for Tariff 2
18 Rev_kWh_Tariff_3 Rev_kWh_Tariff_3 float str kWh 1 kWh_Scale PT_REV.T3 Reverse kWh Tariff 3 Reverse kWh for Tariff 3
19 Rev_kWh_Tariff_4 Rev_kWh_Tariff_4 float str kWh 1 kWh_Scale PT_REV.T4 Reverse kWh Tariff 4 Reverse kWh for Tariff 4
20 RMS_Volts_Ln_1 RMS_Volts_Ln_1 float str V 1 1 V.L1 RMS Volts Line 1 Volts on line 1
21 RMS_Volts_Ln_2 RMS_Volts_Ln_2 float str V 1 1 V.L2 RMS Volts Line 2 Volts on line 2
22 RMS_Volts_Ln_3 RMS_Volts_Ln_3 float str V 1 1 V.L3 RMS Volts Line 3 Volts on line 3
23 Amps_Ln_1 Amps_Ln_1 float str A 1 1 I.L1 Amps Line 1 Amps on line 1
24 Amps_Ln_2 Amps_Ln_2 float str A 1 1 I.L2 Amps Line 2 Amps on line 2
25 Amps_Ln_3 Amps_Ln_3 float str A 1 1 I.L3 Amps Line 3 Amps on line 3
26 Power_Factor_Ln_1 * Power_Factor_Ln_1 int str PF.L1 Power Factor Line 1 Power Factor line 1
27 Power_Factor_Ln_2 * Power_Factor_Ln_2 int str PF.L2 Power Factor Line 2 Power Factor line 2
28 Power_Factor_Ln_3 * Power_Factor_Ln_3 int str PF.L3 Power Factor Line 3 Power Factor line 3
29 Cos_Theta_Ln_1 Cos_Theta_Ln_1 str str Power Factor Cos(theta) Line 1 Power Factor Cos(theta) line 1
30 Cos_Theta_Ln_2 Cos_Theta_Ln_2 str str Power Factor Cos(theta) Line 2 Power Factor Cos(theta) line 2
31 Cos_Theta_Ln_3 Cos_Theta_Ln_3 str str Power Factor Cos(theta) Line 3 Power Factor Cos(theta) line 3
32 RMS_Watts_Ln_1 RMS_Watts_Ln_1 int str W P.L1 RMS Watts Line 1 Watts on line 1
33 RMS_Watts_Ln_2 RMS_Watts_Ln_2 int str W P.L2 RMS Watts Line 2 Watts on line 2
34 RMS_Watts_Ln_3 RMS_Watts_Ln_3 int str W P.L3 RMS Watts Line 3 Watts on line 3
35 RMS_Watts_Tot RMS_Watts_Tot int str W P.TOT RMS Watts Total Total Watts (all lines)
36 RMS_Watts_Max_Demand RMS_Watts_Max_Demand float str W 1 1 P.MAX RMS Watts Max demand Max Demand RMS Watts
37 Max_Demand_Period Max_Demand_Period int str ENUM.PMAXPD Max Demand Period Max Demand Period 0=15m, 1=30m, 2=1h
38 Max_Demand_Rst Max_Demand_Rst v4 int str ENUM.PMAXAUTO Max Demand Reset interval Max Demand auto reset interval 0=OFF, 1=Monthly, 2=Weekly, 3=Daily, 4=Hourly
39 CT_Ratio CT_Ratio int str RAT.CT CT Ratio
40 Pulse_Cnt_1 Pulse_Cnt_1 v4 int str PC.P1 Pulse Count Input 1 Pulse Count on input 1
41 Pulse_Cnt_2 Pulse_Cnt_2 v4 int str PC.P2 Pulse Count Input 2 Pulse Count on input 2
42 Pulse_Cnt_3 Pulse_Cnt_3 v4 int str PC.P3 Pulse Count Input 3 Pulse Count on input 3
43 State_Inputs State_Inputs v4 int str ST.PC Binary states of the three pulse inputs 0=[Low, Low, Low], 1=[Low, Low, High], 2=[Low, High, Low], 3=[Low, High, High], 4=[High, Low, Low], 5=[High, Low, High], 6=[High, High, Low], 7=[High, High, High]
44 Pulse_Ratio_1 Pulse_Ratio_1 v4 int str RAT.P1 Pulse Ratio Input 1 Pulse Input Ratio on input 1
45 Pulse_Ratio_2 Pulse_Ratio_2 v4 int str RAT.P2 Pulse Ratio Input 2 Pulse Input Ratio on input 2
46 Pulse_Ratio_3 Pulse_Ratio_3 v4 int str RAT.P3 Pulse Ratio Input 3 Pulse Input Ratio on input 3
47 Reactive_Energy_Tot Reactive_Energy_Tot v4 float str kWh_Scale PT_REACT.TOT Total kVARh
48 kWh_Rst kWh_Rst v4 float str kWh kWh_Scale/HIDEF PT.RST Resettable kWh
49 Rev_kWh_Rst Rev_kWh_Rst v4 float str kWh kWh_Scale PT_REV.RST Resettable Reverse kWh
50 kWh_Scale kWh_Scale v4 int str ENUM.PTSCALE Decimal places for kWh (0-2)
51 Reactive_Pwr_Ln_1 Reactive_Pwr_Ln_1 v4 int str var P_REACT.L1 Reactive Power Line 1 Var on line 1
52 Reactive_Pwr_Ln_2 Reactive_Pwr_Ln_2 v4 int str var P_REACT.L2 Reactive Power Line 2 Var on line 2
53 Reactive_Pwr_Ln_3 Reactive_Pwr_Ln_3 v4 int str var P_REACT.L3 Reactive Power Line 3 Var on line 3
54 Reactive_Pwr_Tot Reactive_Pwr_Tot v4 int str var P_REACT.TOT Reactive Power Total Total Var (Volt-ampere reactive)
55 Line_Freq Line_Freq v4 float str Hz 2 FREQ.P Frequency (Hz)
56 State_Watts_Dir State_Watts_Dir v4 int str ST.PDIR Real-time direction of current (L1,L2,L3) 0=[Fwd, Fwd, Fwd], 1=[Fwd, Fwd, Rev], 2=[Fwd, Rev, Fwd], 3=[Rev, Fwd, Fwd], 4=[Fwd, Rev, Rev], 5=[Rev, Fwd, Rev], 6=[Rev, Rev, Fwd], 7=[Rev, Rev, Rev]
57 State_Out State_Out v4 int str ST.OUT Binary states of the two outputs 0=[OFF, OFF], 1=[OFF, ON], 2=[ON, OFF], 3=[ON, ON]
58 kWh_Ln_1 kWh_Ln_1 v4 float str kWh kWh_Scale PT.L1 kWh Line 1 Total kWh on line 1
59 kWh_Ln_2 kWh_Ln_2 v4 float str kWh kWh_Scale PT.L2 kWh Line 2 Total kWh on line 2
60 kWh_Ln_3 kWh_Ln_3 v4 float str kWh kWh_Scale PT.L3 kWh Line 3 Total kWh on line 3
61 Rev_kWh_Ln_1 Rev_kWh_Ln_1 v4 float str kWh kWh_Scale PT_REV.L1 Reverse kWh Line 1 Reverse kWh on line 1
62 Rev_kWh_Ln_2 Rev_kWh_Ln_2 v4 float str kWh kWh_Scale PT_REV.L2 Reverse kWh Line 2 Reverse kWh on line 2
63 Rev_kWh_Ln_3 Rev_kWh_Ln_3 v4 float str kWh kWh_Scale PT_REV.L3 Reverse kWh Line 3 Reverse kWh on line 3
64 Net_Calc_Watts_Ln_1 * Net_Calc_Watts_Ln_1 v4 int str W NET.L1 Net Watts Line 1 Net Watts on line 1
65 Net_Calc_Watts_Ln_2 * Net_Calc_Watts_Ln_2 v4 int str W NET.L2 Net Watts Line 2 Net Watts on line 2
66 Net_Calc_Watts_Ln_3 * Net_Calc_Watts_Ln_3 v4 int str W NET.L3 Net Watts Line 3 Net Watts on line 3
67 Net_Calc_Watts_Tot * Net_Calc_Watts_Tot v4 int str W NET.TOT Net Watts Total Total Net Watts
68 CF_Ratio CF_Ratio v4 int str RAT.CF Settable Pulse Output Ratio
69 Meter_Status_Code Meter_Status_Code v3 hex str ST.SETBACK Meter status code
70 Meter_Status_Code_A Meter_Status_Code_A v4 hex str ST.SETBACK_A Status code A Meter status code A
71 Meter_Status_Code_B Meter_Status_Code_B v4 hex str ST.SETBACK_B Status code B Meter status code B
72 Meter_Status_Code_C Meter_Status_Code_C v4 hex str ST.SETBACK_C Status code C Meter status code C
* Field is synthetically created and does not exist in the Influx database. It is prudent to assume it will be deprecated.

Download JSON File: ekm_meter_fields.json

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